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SHOUTcast Reseller

Reseller for SHOUTcast servers.

SHOUTcast Reseller

Only $0.2/slot

All servers of SHOUTcast Reseller include free of charge:

Why choose pingless?

We are using quality servers Intel Xeon QuadCore E Series and accurate config for best performance of ping, tick rate and FPS. We supply most powerfull Control Panel in the world help you manage your servers and resellers. As a Reseller, you can open sub-users and sub-ftp accounts freely in your account.

Instant setup - pay and get the server immediatly afterwards!

Instant setup - Pay using any internet payment (e.g. Paypal or credit card) method and get the server immediatly afterwards!

Reseller is calced by slots not time

From first moment you buy amount of slots, you are not limited for time period to use them, so eventually you will use them all, saving your money carefully.

Powerfull control panel ePanel to control your servers

Setup, Delete, Reinstall, Install Addons, Manage Maps and Files and a lot more options in one click by using our exclusively game servers CP - ePanel.

All hot and new addons are available to quick setupm. Full FTP access.

Addons list and more info can be found in this link.

Nevertheless, if you wish to setup another addon which is not listed here you can do that by using FTP on your responsibility.

Include radio BOT which is sending sound automatically

This BOT know to login your server and send sounds which you upload him and can set them a priority.

Choose Package

100 Slots
Normal price: $20

150 Slots
Normal price: $30

200 Slots
Normal price: $40

250 Slots
Normal price: $50

300 Slots
Normal price: $60

350 Slots
Normal price: $70

400 Slots
Normal price: $80

450 Slots
Normal price: $90

500 Slots
Normal price: $100

550 Slots
Normal price: $110

600 Slots
Normal price: $120

650 Slots
Normal price: $130

700 Slots
Normal price: $140

750 Slots
Normal price: $150

800 Slots
Normal price: $160

850 Slots
Normal price: $170

900 Slots
Normal price: $180

950 Slots
Normal price: $190

1000 Slots
Normal price: $200

Example servers

Game type Server address Slots Location
No servers found.
All Game servers instantly setup!
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Teamspeak 3 for only 0.5$/slot
Teamspeak 3 Servers
SHOUTcast for only 0.25$/slot
SHOUTcast Servers
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