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Voice Server Reseller

Reseller for Voice Servers: TeamSpeak 3, Mumble & Ventrilo.

Voice Server Reseller

Only $0.45/slot

All servers of Voice Server Reseller include free of charge:

Why Choose Pingles?

All our Resealer packages include: high-quality hardware and low-ping commitment, ePanel2 management panel for convenient, fast and lucrative management of Risiler's and servers, accesses and FTP to a private account on the server.

The good way The best way to start a company is our way, we will make sure you make a profit using the ePanel reseller management panel, your servers are our honor, uncompromising pings and quality is our first goal.

Instant installation of all Resellers - pay on site and get the reseller on site!

Instant Installation of All Resellers - You Pay How You're Convenient Online With One Of The Payment Methods We Offer And Receive Your Reseller On-Site After Payment Without Waiting Time!

All of our Resellers are by slots and not by time

You buy slots and the account is not deleted until you utilize all of these slots, you can add more slots to your account at any time. Once you open a server for a month or for a period you set the appropriate slots amount You from the account.

Advanced panel and ePanel advanced and easy to use that allows you to fully control the server

Using our panel, can you run or crash the server, reinstall it, manage access and settings, replace codecs and a variety of other management options.

Not satisfied with your server's codec? We allow you to switch to another codec like GSM or Speex at the click of a button with the management panel.

Choose Package

100 Slots
Normal price: $45

150 Slots
Normal price: $67.5

200 Slots
Normal price: $90

250 Slots
Normal price: $112.5

300 Slots
Normal price: $135

350 Slots
Normal price: $157.5

400 Slots
Normal price: $180

450 Slots
Normal price: $202.5

500 Slots
Normal price: $225

550 Slots
Normal price: $247.5

600 Slots
Normal price: $270

650 Slots
Normal price: $292.5

700 Slots
Normal price: $315

750 Slots
Normal price: $337.5

800 Slots
Normal price: $360

850 Slots
Normal price: $382.5

900 Slots
Normal price: $405

950 Slots
Normal price: $427.5

1000 Slots
Normal price: $450

Example servers

Game type Server address Slots Location
No servers found.
All Game servers instantly setup!
Game Servers
Mumble servers for only 0.5$/slot
Ventrilo 3 Servers
Teamspeak 3 for only 0.5$/slot
Teamspeak 3 Servers
SHOUTcast for only 0.25$/slot
SHOUTcast Servers
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